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Effects of Youth Unemployment in the Kingdom

With ever rising number of graduates every year, the country is struggling to create more jobs. Today there are more than 9,000+ unemployed people in the kingdom (2013), and the number is still expected to rise by manifold. With such staggering figure, it has already overwhelmed the Government, and both private and corporate sectors. In the past, the school enrollment rate was lowest in South Asia, but today it has the highest in the region. This has led to more students enrolling to schools and then graduating from colleges. The reasons may be attributed to the free education policy in the country, which has made education accessible to children from all backgrounds, and free health care services, which has contributed to their well-being. 
Large pool of job seekers from all parts of the Dzongkhags are moving from rural to urban areas, mainly capital city Thimphu, and other major towns: Phuntsholing, Gelephu, Samdrup Jongkhar, Mongar, etc. in search of jobs. Very few seekers, if they …

How Viable is Electric Car in Bhutan?

Note: Before I write about this given topic, I would like to say that it is not my intention to make a contrasting opinion to any of the person or figures - political, commercial or economical, as a matter of fact. It is purely a personal interest for the topic and the information provided are based on my own personal research (articles, books, papers, etc.). Also, if you find incorrect information or any kind of mistakes please leave your suggestions under the comments section below.
With increasing number of cities and countries adopting new Electric Vehicles (EVs) and hybrids, it is not uncommon for Bhutan to follow the same path. The conventional gasoline vehicles emit tonnes of pollution into the atmosphere, increasing global warming, and causing damage to the environment far more than we can imagine. So it makes perfect sense to adopt electric vehicles in our country as it is clean and efficient. EVs have minimum impact to both people and environment. However, electric vehicles h…