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Busy Life!

We miss out on so many small things around us when we are busy with our LIFE. I just realized this when I looked out from my balcony this morning. 

I woke up at 6 and made my coffee and sat on a small wooden chair at the balcony. I was just taking a deep breath and enjoying the morning view with sip of hot strong coffee. The morning view is always amazing from where I am sitting, but lately I have not been able to enjoy this moment because of my “new work schedule.” I am working late nights and waking up quite late in the mornings. I hardly get time to sit and take rest because I will always find something to do, even in free time. But today was different! It was Sunday and I woke up quite early. I had nothing to do, literally. I had done all my chores the other day – laundry, cleaning, dishes, garbage, etc. So I had Sunday free for myself. I can choose to do anything I wanted but I chose to stay at home. Home is also one of my favorite hangout places.
So I am at balcony, sipping coffee…

Infrequent Blogger, Me

Hello, readers! First of all, I would like to apologize for not writing for so long. Although I was meaning to write a new post for a very long time, I couldn’t because so much has happened in past four months in my life. First, I got a new job in Thimphu – I am working for a corporate company now. Second, I moved into a new apartment at Olakha. Third, I am learning to develop android apps online. Fourth, I am planning on starting a business very soon (currently working on business plans, capital, etc.). Fifth, I am assigned overtime work at office where I work till 9 in the evening. So, as you can see, I am juggling with lot of things. Most of my hours are spent on these five major decisions I have taken. As a result, I had to make few changes in my life, reluctantly. Now I don’t get time to read books as much as I used to. In the past, I used to read at least 2 books a month on average. Today, I read almost 1 book in two months on average. By the way, I am going to read more books on…

Language Preservation or Language Conservation?

I was just going through my favorite list of blogs and I happened to read something really interesting. So I thought I should share with you guys, too.
What it basically says: We should stop speaking of “language preservation” and start using “language conservation.”