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I'm Norbu Wangdi, and welcome to my blog. 
Originally, I'm from Mongar, a small district and a major economic capital in Eastern Bhutan. Currently, I live in Thimphu where I'm the lead product designer for a private IT company. 
I studied in Thailand and graduated with Computer Science degree. My areas of subject interests include Big Data, Cloud Computing, Power Grids, Emerging Technologies, and Internet of Things. Politics, History, Business, and Science also interest me a lot, among other things.
I'm a runner, cyclist, occasional photographer, hiker and chess player.
I’m a lover of travel, books and good food.  I especially love to spend my free time collecting links to fun articles. 

Now a little bit about this blog.

I created this blog when I was a freshman in college. Let me rephrase that!

I 'had to' create this blog when I was a freshman in college.

Well, it was one of the assignments we had to do so that we could earn extra credit to pass the course. So I put all my heart and mind to build this blog, but only to get disappointed with how it looked. To be fair, I spent only a day or two to design it. Next week when I showed it to my professor, he was quite impressed with my work. I was fairly satisfied with the credit I earned, but since then I never used this blog.

Three years later, when I was a senior in same college, I realized that I should start blogging. I saw many of my friends and teachers blogging actively and sharing posts on social media. I used to love reading them and, at times, used to leave my comments. Many of the people who I followed suggested me to start blogging and share my writings to them. There was no harm in trying so I started one – that is to say I started using my old blog again.

I started writing posts, shared with my friends for feedbacks, and soon my blog got attention from my friends and other readers. So I continued blogging.

And today I am here writing articles about things that are dear to me, things that concern our country, things that are happening in the world, and, above all, things that matters.

By the way, I am enjoying this ‘Blogging Ride’ since I first started. My goals to write this blog was very clear from day one, and I can assure you that these goals have only become clearer every passing day.  

Here’re My 3 Main Goals:

1. Personal Growth: Blogging is all about discipline, learning, and sharing. It will help me grow intellectually and emotionally, and ultimately help me understand myself better.
2. Share Story: I am no writer, and I certainly don’t have any background in writing, but I believe everyone has a story to tell. So this blog is a small step to share my stories to the world.
3. Record History: I don’t have any special skill to remember everything nor do I know anyone who has this skill, but technology has made it possible to remember it for us. Today I am recording it because I want to look back when I am old tomorrow.

I write mainly for these three reasons, but I want you to write for completely different or even same reasons. It doesn’t matter what goals you have in mind. As long as you start blogging or start writing, you will discover your own goals along the road. So, “Start Blogging and Keep Sharing!”

Well, it seems we have come to an end. Before I say goodbye, please do share your blogs with me in the comment section below. It will be my pleasure to read your posts, and, if you wish, I will share my thoughts on it. And please do so with my blog too.

So see you in my next post!

Don't hesitate to connect and engage with me via the social networks above. I'm always open to answering questions that are relevant and worth answering.

Thanks for stopping by!

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“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi.
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Thirty years ago, it was not a big issue as Bhutan had no more than 600,000 people and more than half of the population lived in rural areas. Bhutanese imported few goods from the neighboring countries, mainly India. They produced almost everything in their own country, such as: milk, cheese, butter, rice, meat, wool, cotton, etc. But in recent years, Bhutanese's consumption pattern has changed and people started to import a large number of goods, spending billions of Ngultrum. Because of this continuous trend, waste generation and disposal has become a major issue in Bhutan.

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