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Infrequent Blogger, Me

Hello, readers! First of all, I would like to apologize for not writing for so long. Although I was meaning to write a new post for a very long time, I couldn’t because so much has happened in past four months in my life. First, I got a new job in Thimphu – I am working for a corporate company now. Second, I moved into a new apartment at Olakha. Third, I am learning to develop android apps online. Fourth, I am planning on starting a business very soon (currently working on business plans, capital, etc.). Fifth, I am assigned overtime work at office where I work till 9 in the evening. So, as you can see, I am juggling with lot of things. Most of my hours are spent on these five major decisions I have taken. As a result, I had to make few changes in my life, reluctantly.
Now I don’t get time to read books as much as I used to. In the past, I used to read at least 2 books a month on average. Today, I read almost 1 book in two months on average. By the way, I am going to read more books once I finish my overtime work. And to save money on books I have also ordered kindle to read eBooks (also save trees).
My habit of jogging early in the morning has also completely stopped – probably because I have stopped waking up early. I get so tired after my overtime work I directly go to my bed for a long goodnight sleep. When I open my eyes it’s already 7 in the morning. So no jogging, too late for jogging.
As you all know, I am not a frequent blogger like many of my colleagues and other Bhutanese bloggers. I rarely post any articles on my blog and more rarely I interact with my readers. Because of my current work schedule my blogging situation has become more dire and infrequent. Of course I have interest to write but somehow I am not able to write as often as I would like to.
As you can see, I have so many excuses why I am not able to do that, that, that, etc. But I am sure I will get hang of my new life schedule very soon and continue my reading and writing habit. I hope you will be around to read my next article. And thank you for being with me for all this time.
As you are reading this article, you might find more grammatical errors or typos than usual because I have just written this article on my lunch time in less than 6 minutes. Also, I didn’t edit or re-read to make necessary corrections, so please bear with all the mistakes if you had encountered.

That’s all for today. See you in next post. Bye, bye!

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